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Business Consulting

We provide you with all the necessary tools to shape your project, we give it viability and we develop it to create a business for the future. We go with you from the business plan to the last line of code. We want to accompany you to travel this exciting path.

With Hill Planet Labs you will have a personal manager who will take care of everything

Effective strategies are one of the most important steps to consider. We support you in everything your Startup needs.

Strategy and Planning

Consultants help clients through analysis, statistics, and strategies. Clients partner with experienced consultants to plan critical steps for their startup business.

Legal Business Formation

Clients have to form a legal structure for their business. Advice on options such as sole proprietorship, corporation, LLC, and the pros and cons of it. They also help with other accounts like banking.

Business Structure Development

Startups have to run multiple items simultaneously. Consultants can help clients execute critical critical steps in the early stages of business.

Vendor Selection

Start-ups initially have to contract with multiple suppliers to establish critical components of the business. Consultants help clients by providing reliable equipment to execute those critical elements of starting a business.


We work under two premises: company and collaboration. Our goal is to communicate, grow and face each obstacle together. We accompany you throughout the transformation process to boost your startup in the digital world, defining objectives and starting from a new road map

Why Relentless Enterprise?

We take care of improving the results of your company. We offer a range of strategies that allow us to achieve our goals and exceed the expectations of each brand that places its trust in us.
  • We collaborate with you from the development of the idea
  • We develop and implement the strategy
  • We launch your business to the market and continue to move forward together

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